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The Q3Radiant Manual is Done!

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Paul Jaquays, id Software level designer updated his .plan file announcing that they have finally released the Q3Radiant (Quake III Level Editor) manual for the public, so now you ca learn how to create levels for id's latest master-piece, Quake III: Arena. It is one lenghty manual (163 formatted pages) and it's available in two distinct "flavors." One is an MSWord version and the other one is a somewhat "raw" HTML version converted directly from the Word document. Be sure to grab it and learn how to create those maps.

Q3Radiant Manual (HTML version) on id ftp site

Q3Radiant Manual (MSWord version) on id ftp site Mirrors:

Q3Radiant Manual (HTML version) on

Q3Radiant Manual (MsWord version) on

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