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Final Day at XSi

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Wow - what an epic day yesterday proved for those competing in the XSi tournament in Sweden. Match of the day was probably Lakerman vs Wombat in what was "one of the most exciting matches I've ever seen" according to Sujoy. Wombat won the first 14 to 12, and the second match was unbelievably tense: at 11 a piece, it went to sudden-death, and Wombat just managed to get the last frag. Cue a flood of 100+ messages of "Nooooo" from devoted spectators (and clearly Lakerman supporters).

Anyway, the Final Day kicks off in 5 mins at 12 CET (11amGMT) - as ever, you can watch the action live via proxy, or check-out John's match-by-match summary here. Enjoy!

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