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XSi results

The matches are over for today, with just four players left in the running... It's a double elimination tourney, so there are winning and losing brackets. The winners of the winners are Timber and Fatality (who is still undefeated), and the winners of the losers are Makaveli and Wombat from America, after some very close matches.

You can find demos of many of the matches on this page over at XS Reality, and we'll have our own full coverage of the matches tomorrow morning.

In the meantime you can check out some more match reports from the qualifier rounds here on EuroGamer - Shub vs Timber, Vise vs Shub (one map only), Makaveli vs Wombat (one map only), and Kane vs Insane (two maps of three).

Check the index for a full list of our XSi coverage so far this weekend.