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Quake III News

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A new Quake III: Arena tool has been released, called "Fightclub" which is a configuration utility for Quake 3: Arena that allows you to do a bunch of stuff.

ShellShock's Crater has released a new version of their easy to use configuration utility for playing offline called Q3Offline.

A nifty tool called Quake 3 Control has been released for the public, Quake 3 Control is a remote admin tool for a Quake server. Currently Quake2 and Quake3Arena are supported, QuakeWorld support will follow soon.

FvF World have posted an FAQ for the upcoming "Future vs Fantasy 2" Quake 3 mod. have posted a mail they got from mapper Sten "ZTN" Uusvali, probably Estonia's most famous export, about converting some of his old Quake and Quake 2 maps to Quake 3.

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