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Unreal Tournament demo

The Unreal Tournament demo is out! It weighs in at around 48Mb, and this one is Glide only so you'll need a 3dfx card to play it. Here's a quick list of mirror sites we've found so far -

download from 3D Action Gamers

download from Barrysworld

download from HEAT.net

download from PC Gamer

download from Unreal Universe

download from Wireplay

Please note that most of these servers are totally overloaded at the moment, and it may take a long, long time to even get a connection to one of them, let alone download the file... If you can get through to it, Barrysworld is probably the fastest download for Europeans at the moment.

Good news for Creative Labs RivaTNT / TNT2 owners though - I downloaded the latest Unified drivers yesterday and tested them with Unreal v220, and they ran Glide mode perfectly on my RivaTNT. Visual quality was almost spot-on, and the frame rate was very playable. Let's hope they work as well with the Unreal Tournament demo...

More cool stuff - here's the ngStats log file from the big Unreal Tournament CTF match at The Playing Fields a couple of weeks back, where I earned the title "sniping bitch" from Epic's Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart. 65.5% hit efficiency and over 100 frags per hour - come to daddy!