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Arcana Heart 3 release date

EU Limited Edition revealed.

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2D PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 anime fighting game Arcana Heart 3 launches in Europe on 30th June, Zen United and PQube have announced.

A Limited Edition launches alongside the standard edition. It includes:

  • The original, 144 page Japanese Arcana Heart 3 artbook containing production sketches and concept art.
  • Arcana Heart 3 Official Soundtrack exclusive to this Limited Edition set.
  • 12 character guide cards, featuring artwork and command listings for Arcana Heart's extensive character and Arcana roster.
  • All presented in a beautiful, iconic box.

The home console version of Arcana Heart 3 is the work of Examu and BlazBlue and Guilty Gear creator Arc System Works, and features online play.

It launches in Europe as a boxed game for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Arcana Hearts 3 has an all female cast, each aligned with an Arcana or elemental that determines their special powers. The classic side-on presentation comes adorned with intricate, vivid, 2D hand-drawn sprites.

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