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Apprentice game revealed

Top Trump for PC.

Everyone's favourite business reality game-show will soon be coming to PC, thanks to Legacy Interactive, which has announced The Apprentice: Los Angeles for release in March.

Unfortunately it won't be Sir Alan Sugar's slightly chubby finger pointing at you, but that of Donald Trump, host of the original American series. It's him and his cheesy hairdo you'll aim to please, as you battle against opponents to avoid the infamous "you're fired," ultimately trying to secure yourself a place on Trump's staff with a salary of USD 250,000.

Legacy Interactive has developed the game, and aims to make it available to download from its website. The action will take place in iconic LA hotspots, where you'll have to find the optimum solution to business-based conundrums to win the day.

Those of you in the US will also be able to get your entrepreneurial fingers on ringtones from the show through major American mobile carriers. If only you could witness our jealousy first hand.

"We know fans of the show fantasize about what it must be like to take on Donald Trump's challenges and face him the infamous boardroom," boasted Conrad Riggs from Mark Burnett Productions - makers of the American series. "Now they will get that opportunity in the videogame. It's a great complement to the television show."

We wonder how long before we can expect a digital reprise of the heated UK show, gaining control of finalist Ruth Badger as she attempted to gobble-up eventual winner Michelle Dewberry - who we definitely would. Ah, wild fantasies.