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Apple iPhone sales fall for the first time ever

An orchard moment for Cook.

For the first time since time began, iPhone sales fell, which meant - for the first time since 2003 - Apple posted a quarterly revenue decline.

In the quarter ended 26th March, Apple recorded 51m iPhone sales, which is a significant drop of 10m on the same period a year before.

iPad sales also fell, from 12.6m (Q2 2015) to 10.3m (Q2 2016), and Mac sales dipped from 4.6m (Q2 2015) to 4m (Q2 2016).

It meant Apple revenue fell from $58bn (Q2 2015) to $50.6bn (Q2 2016).

Well that's not going to help.

It's hardly a catastrophe - the numbers are still massive (we're talking about 51m phones sold in three months for goodness sake) - but it's a notable moment in Apple's world-conquering recent history nonetheless.

Apple's Tim Cook, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, blamed the fallen iPhone sales on iPhone 6, which, he said, was so popular fewer people wanted to upgrade.

He also dismissed the Android threat, saying more Android users switched to iPhone in the first six months of this financial year (started October 2015) than in any other six-month period.

He mentioned a strong dollar and difficult economic conditions, too. "It's a tough bar to hurdle," he said, "but it doesn't change the future. The future is very bright."

Apple's latest iPhone release is the iPhone SE, which Digital Foundry recently reviewed.

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