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APB dev Realtime Worlds restructures

Second project "downscaled".

Scottish developer Realtime Worlds has announced it will restructure following the release of MMO APB.

Staff headcount will increase on APB in order to provide "total support", fresh content and aggressive marketing.

But there will be some redudancies, although these are linked to a mysterious second project that is being "downscaled" to accomodate APB's future.

New "post-launch" positions on APB are being advertised for. A Design Lead is asked to "review and drive improvement to overall game quality and structure".

Realtime Worlds' boss Gary Dale said APB received a "great reception from consumers", although some reviewers weren't as kind - Eurogamer scored APB 6/10.

"We now have to focus our efforts and resources on running APB as a 24/7 online live operation, creating new content and services for the future and ensuring the best possible experience for the players," Dale added.

Eurogamer spoke to Realtime Worlds' creative director Dave Jones about the APB reviews and much, much more.

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