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Another World creator's surreal PSVR ecosystem sim Paper Beast out this month

A "dreamlike odyssey...born from lost Internet data".

Paper Beast, the intriguing, surreal ecosystem sim from Another World and From Dust creator Eric Chahi, will be launching for PlayStation VR on 24th March.

Having read the synopsis and watched the striking release date trailer below, I'm still not entirely sure what Paper Beast actually entails, but it's described as a "dreamlike odyssey" through a "wild simulated ecosystem, born from lost Internet data".

Paper Beast apparently comes in two flavours: there's the more structured Adventure mode, and a freeform experience known, reasonably enough, as Sandbox mode.

Cover image for YouTube videoPaper Beast Release Date Trailer

The former tasks players with overcoming obstacles and environmental puzzles by engaging with the game's mysterious creatures, while Sandbox mode is said to be closer to a "god game", where players are able to sculpt the terrain, manipulate the weather, and interact with flora and fauna. To what end, I do not know, but it certainly looks pretty!

"Powered by an extensive physics engine that calculates the creatures' motions in real-time," explains the developer, "they can be lifted up to resolve situations or to rescue them from predators and natural danger. The animals will adapt their behaviour accordingly."

We'll know more when Paper Beast comes to PlayStation VR on Tuesday, 24th March.