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Another Wii fitness game shows up

Some hard US celebrity hosting it.

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Majesco has revealed a new game for the Wii Balance Board, alleviating fears there may be little to do on it once Wii Fit and some skiing games wear thin.

Dubbed Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009, this is another one all about being fit not fat, headed by US exercise star Jillian Michaels, unsurprisingly.

She's a tough-talking martial arts expert who headed a US game show that challenged contestants to lose as much weight as they could. One lucky contestant dropped a massive 37 per cent to win USD 250,000.

"I truly think this type of product will be instrumental in revolutionizing the fitness industry and will help combat the childhood obesity epidemic in this country," Michaels told Reuters.

Majesco is aiming for a Christmas release and has casual gamers, especially women, in its sights. The publisher also thinks this will be the first of many celebrity-endorsed fitness fads to make use of the unique Wii control options. Majesco calls this upcoming trend "exer-gaming".

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