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Announcing the Eurogamer video team's full live stage offering at EGX 2022


Sure, EGX is mainly all about going hands-on with a whole host of new and unreleased video games, but did you know you can also watch other people play video games, too?

And by 'people' I obviously mean Zoe and I, aka the Eurogamer video team (but not Aoife as she's on maternity leave). At select times during the four days of the expo, you'll find us hanging out over on the EGX live stage where we've got seven (count 'em, seven) catastrophically chaotic live shows planned for your in-person entertainment.

As you can see via the handy image above, among our offering is a return to the classic days of PUBG first thing on Thursday, and a special live episode of Happy Hour Tavern Time on the Friday, during which we'll play Cult of the Lamb while answering questions from the audience (bring your best BMKs).

We've also got a bunch of multiplayer shenanigans planned for you, and to help with this we've drafted in some of the Dicebreaker team to help hold a few of the controllers. Wheels and pals also have a couple of their own shows on the stage, and we'll join them for their final show on the Sunday to play what has been described to me only as 'a party game'. I hope it's Pass the Parcel, I love that game.

The Eurogamer video team take on I Am Fish at EGX 2021.

Finally, we also have an hour of Meet and Greets scheduled for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the show. These times are also listed on the image above, so check that out if you want to meet and/or greet us and you can plan your day accordingly.

Don't worry if you can't make the show though - as always, all our live shows will be streamed to the Eurogamer YouTube channel so you can join in the fun from the comfort of your own home.

EGX 2022 takes place at ExCel, London, from 22nd to 25th September. Get your tickets here!

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