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Animal Crossing Amiibo cards launch 2nd October

100 to collect, sold in packs of three.

Nintendo's first wave of card-based Animal Crossing Amiibo arrive in Europe on 2nd October.

That's not a great surprise: the 3DS game you use them with, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, also launches here on the same date.

But what is surprising is the number of cards that will be available. 100 cards will launch alongside the game, each sold in blind packs of three.

And that's just the first wave - Nintendo's pack design (posted to the official Nintendo of Norway website) suggests more will follow.

One card from each pack will be a "special" card, although it's unknown what exactly this means. (Will they be shiny? I never managed to get a shiny Charizard...).

Nintendo will first sell the Amiibo cards in Japan later this month, alongside Happy Home Designer on 30th July.

Japanese packs will also contain three cards and be priced around 300 yen (about £1.55).

Packs will contain six cards each in North America. UK and US pricing for the packs has yet to be announced.

Take a look at around two dozen of the designs below: