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Angry Birds claims 200 million downloads

Rovio has plenty to crow about.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Smartphone phenomenon Angry Birds has notched up its 200 millionth download, according to developer Rovio.

The eye-watering figure is across all platforms and includes all three iterations of the game: Angry Birds, Angry Birds: Seasons and Angry Birds: Rio.

Angry Birds merchandise is also flying high, with three million items sold.

"We have seen more growth and engagement with Angry Birds games and merchandise across all markets," said CEO Mikael Hed.

"The growing numbers of fans give us more incentive to keep creating more fresh, fun and engaging Angry Birds experiences and making them available to everyone."

Back in March, total revenues for the franchise were estimated at £50 million off the back of an initial €100,000 investment.

Next up for the small Finnish developer is a social game based around the brand.

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