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Android on your telly via PS3, 360

DoubleTwist AirSync makes it possible.

Android users can now stream mobile content, such as playlists, photos and videos, to their televisions – through PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

DoubleTwist has just upgraded its sync application to enable the functionality, according to a report from the Mobile World Congress event by Pocket-Lint.

"The last thing we added ... was the ability to beam directly content from your Android phone to your TV through an Xbox or PS3. It was kind of the last piece of the puzzle for us," co-founder and president Monique Farantzos told the website.

The new service is known as AirTwist, which comes as part of the paid-for version of the DoubleTwist app. Existing customers get the feature for free.

The recent update enables wireless syncing OTA with your PC or Mac and now wireless sharing with your games consoles over your home network.

The DoubleTwist Player is available as a free app for wired syncing. DoubleTwist AirSync, however, is £3.11 and offers the wireless syncing and new PS3 and Xbox beaming.