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Ancient coin-op BurgerTime gets remake

Here in time for BBQ season.

A fresh take on decades-old arcade coin-guzzler BurgerTime is on the grill, and is due to be served up on PC, PlayStation Network, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

First released in arcades way back in 1982, the original saw you stepping into the shoes of limber gourmet Peter Pepper. You had to traverse single-screen platform stages collecting burger components while dodging sociopathic pickles and hot dogs. NES and Intellivision ports later followed.

BurgerTime HD, as it will be called, transposes the gameplay into 3D, adding four-player online, split-screen local multiplayer and a host of new killer condiments. 40 levels are promised, along with four boss encounters.

"It's been 29 years since the original debut and now BurgerTime is back and much better than ever. By creating unique platform features while faithfully retaining the original gameplay, BurgerTime HD will redefine retro evolution", pledged John Greiner, president of developer MonkeyPaw Games.

"We also love the fact that playing the game makes our team really hungry."

See if the screens below whet you appetite.