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America's Army US-only

We could've sworn it's in Iraq.

Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that the new America's Army game won't be coming to Europe.

Instead, the Xbox 360 game will be heading exclusively to the US in September. It's a similar situation to last year, when the PS2 Army game, Rise of a Soldier, quietly disappeared from the European release schedule.

The reasons it won't be released here are unclear, and Ubisoft didn't want to comment on our wild theories. But we expect it being an American Army-sponsored title has a lot to do with it. You know, at a guess. Perhaps we'll be treated to a version from The British Army to make up for it, it could go hand-in-hand with all those enthusiastic adverts on the telly.

America's Army: True Soldier is in development at GRAW multiplayer brain-box Red Storm. It's going to be a team-play-focused affair with plenty of tactical options to keep you busy. It'll also feature experience points to customise and improve your character with, as well as Honor points to reward respectful and helpful online play.

All very fancy, then, and with credible talent behind it. Get a load of how it's shaping up in a new trailer expected to go live any minute on Eurogamer TV.