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American McGee's studio announces BigHead Bash

Facebook side-scroller next for Alice developer.

Alice: Madness Returns developer Spicy Horse has announced its latest project - a side-scrolling arena shoot 'em up for Facebook called BigHeat Bash.

There's not an awful lot of info out there besides the trailer below, but Siliconera reports that American McGee's Shanghai-based outfit plans to license various other IPs as purchasable characters. Character customisation will also apparently play a major role.

A beta version is up and running now, with all those willing to click "Like" on its Facebook page allowed access. The full game will then launch in February next year.

It's Spicy Horse's first title since Alice: Madness Returns arrived in the Summer. McGee's dark take on Lewis Carroll's fantasy tale earned a meagre 5/10 from Eurogamer's Quintin Smith.