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American McGee working on Kickstarters to revive Alice and make and Oz game

But which will get made?

American McGee, of American McGee's Alice fame, is working on Kickstarters for both Alice: Otherlands and a game based on The Wizard of Oz.

The former has had a Facebook page for months now, but recently it's confirmed that a Kickstarter is definitely happening and is "set to start roughly in July if all goes well with EA," the developer wrote when asking fans for feedback on its reward structure.

Additionally, it wrote "We are looking for the world's best cos-player to be Alice in our Kickstarter video."

Spicy Horse's last Kickstarter for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters squeeked past its $200K goal by a mere $4K.

In the other corner, when asked about its long-dormant Wizard of Oz project, McGee's studio Spicy Horse said it was "already in the works." The project was initially planned a decade ago for Atari, but was cancelled in 2004 over financial difficulties with the publisher.

However, Spicy Horse community manager Kelly Heckerman told Joystiq that "this is not, in any way, shape or form, the title from 2004." She noted that it would encompass the entire Oz series and contain "unique things not seen in previous incarnations."

Heckerman explained that the game is in its planning stages and Spicy Horse hasn't even figured out what genre it will be, but the studio would like to make it cross-platform between tablets and PC, Mac and Linux.

With two projects being planned the Shanghai studio will only be able to pursue one at a time, and Heckerman confirmed that Spicy Horse is in fact working on both Kickstarters, but which gets launched ultimately depends on how the talks with EA over Alice shape up.

So dear readers, which would you rather see?

If I only had some funding.

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