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Amazon's Echo gadget has a Mass Effect Easter egg

Keelah se'lai.

There's a Mass Effect Easter egg hidden away in the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

My name is Legion, for we are many.

For the uninitiated, the Amazon Echo is a range of Siri-like AI gadgets that the retail giant wants you to place in and around your home.

They feed Amazon information on your shopping habits, but in return can be used to quickly order shopping, play music, check the weather and, it seems, pay homage to BioWare's space opera trilogy.

Ask an Amazon Echo: "Does this unit have a soul?" It will reply with the greeting: "Keelah se'lai, my friend."

Update: Twitter user @TheAlbionGirl of the SuperCoolCast podcast has just posted this video:

"Does this unit have a soul?" is a question posed by geth character Legion to its quarian creators. "Keelah se'lai" is a phrase used by the quarian race, and most notably your squadmate Tali.

The reference was spotted by the Mass Effect Reddit, and Amazon Echo-owning members of the Eurogamer have since confirmed.

Tissues at the ready for the phrase's most poignant use, from Mass Effect 3:

Cover image for YouTube videoMass Effect 3: "Does this unit have a soul?"

Keelah se'lai, Legion.