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Amazon Game Studios announces its first exclusive for Fire TV

Introducing third-person shooter/tower-defense hybrid Sev Zero.

As part of Amazon's push to enter the console market it's just announced its debut first-party exclusive for its upcoming Android-based console, Fire TV.

Developed internally at Amazon Game Studios, the title in question is a third-person shooter/tower-defense hybrid called Sev Zero.

Available now for $6.99 - or free with the purchase for a Fire game controller - Sev Zero tasks players with setting up structures to defend against an alien invasion, then taking to the battlefield to run around and shoot stuff on foot. Another player can join via the companion app Sev Zero: Air Support, in which they can call in aerial strikes.

"We've heard from customers that they want more from the games they play on streaming media devices - games that are rich, unique and immersive. Sev Zero is the first step by Amazon Game Studios to address that challenge," said Amazon Games vice president Mike Frazzini. "We think customers will be surprised by how much fun they can have playing games on such a tiny, yet powerful, device in Fire TV. Sev Zero is our first of several games in development and provides a peek into what's to come from Amazon Game Studios."

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