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Amazon: Altering PS4 payment method won't jeopardise delivery date

And breathe.

If you pre-ordered a PS4 from Amazon but used old bank details that now need changing, don't panic - you won't be put to the back of the queue.

"Amazon customers who ordered the PS4 for release day delivery will receive it on day of release," the company assured me today.

For a moment there...

'Even if they've had to update or change their payment details?' I asked.

"That's still correct," Amazon answered.

Eurogamer received emails overnight from Amazon customers who'd noticed the shop verifying their payment details tied to their often months-old PS4 pre-order. Worryingly, when they updated their payment details, the Amazon machine re-estimated the delivery date as if they'd placed a new order - they were seemingly put to the back of the line.

The Amazon forum is abuzz with people panicking about the same issue. But while some people shared tales of Customer Service effectively saying 'sorry, there's nothing we can do' (an entire chat transcript was shared with Eurogamer to this effect), others shared exchanges in which they'd been assured their PS4 delivery date was safe.

Given Amazon's statement issued to Eurogamer above, it would appear the latter is, thankfully, the truth.

PlayStation 4 launches in the UK on 29th November, Xbox One a week earlier.