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Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

UPDATE: Amazon responds.

UPDATE: has issued Eurogamer with the following statement: "Thousands of customers have already received their Nintendo 3DS console and we will continue to make deliveries throughout the day."

ORIGINAL STORY: Eurogamer has received a number of complaints from readers worried that they won't receive a Nintendo 3DS in the post today from – despite a guarantee from the online shop.

Reader Terry alerted us to a spiralling thread on packed with posts detailing the issue.

"As it stands, it seems like everyone who ordered it by expedited delivery will be receiving it at least a day late," Terry told Eurogamer.

"We all paid extra money to get the game delivered on time, but as of this morning the 3DS is still only marked as Dispatching Soon, despite guarantees from Amazon as late as 8pm last night that we would be getting them through today.

"Many of the people who ordered it by expedited delivery had selected to have it delivered to a work address, etc, in the belief that it would be delivered on the promised date – instead it looks like the consoles will be delivered on Saturday, when many people's workplaces will be completely empty."

"It's appalling that so many people are being fobbed off like this," he continued.

One customer, James Norman, spoke to customer services and was told an investigation is under way.

The Nintendo 3DS is's most pre-ordered console of all time.

It overtook Sony's PlayStation 3, which launched in March 2007 in the UK.

Eurogamer has contacted for comment.

Have you received your Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.