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Alienware putting up big prizes for Eurogamer Expo tournament

Win an Alienware X51, M14x or M17x in multi-stage competition. Daily prizes too.

You are probably very well aware of the contents of the Eurogamer Expo show floor and developer sessions schedule by now, because I keep banging on about them at every opportunity. (And why not? They're pretty rad.)

But there are other things going on at this year's Eurogamer Expo. There's the cosplay competition, for example, where Chris Donlan will probably be dressing up as a quackberry. (He's not actually competing, or aware of the competition; it just seems like a fair bet.)

One thing you might also want to be aware of though is the mahoosive Tournament Area, where this year Alienware will be putting on the first round of a massive competition that will eventually reward its best participants with top-end Alienware swag - an Alienware X51 desktop machine, the Alienware M14x laptop, and the bulkier Alienware M17x laptop, which eats desktops for breakfast.

To win those, you'll have to beat off the competition not just at the Expo but also in the second round (October) and final (November) events in London. The best competitors each day at the Expo will also be able to win Tactx keyboards, mice and headsets.

Anyway, there's tons of things like this going on throughout the Expo, which takes place at Earls Court from 27th-30th September. Hoof it over to to find out more.