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Alan Wake 2 is official and coming in 2023

Remedy's "first-ever survival horror game".

It's an announcement fans have been eagerly anticipating for more than a decade now, but Alan Wake 2 is finally official - and will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Epic Games Store in 2023.

It's certainly welcome news if not particularly surprising; after all, developer Remedy has spent the last few years doing its best to bring Alan Wake back into the public conscience - first in a fairly substantial cameo in the studio's acclaimed supernatural shooter Control, and then in a refreshed remaster for the 2010 original earlier this year.

Details are limited right now, but Remedy's Sam Lake took to the stage during this year's Game Awards to reveal a first, appropriately moody, and extremely wet teaser trailer, before describing the sequel as the studio's "first-ever survival horror game".

Cover image for YouTube videoAlan Wake 2 – Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2021
Alan Wake 2 - Announcement Trailer.

Despite its horror elements, the first game was very much an action title, but Lake says Alan Wake 2 will have horror at its heart, delivering a "deep psychological layer" this time around.

The downside to all this excitement is that Alan Wake 2 is still some way off, and not expected to arrive until 2023. However, Remedy says it'll share more details in summer next year.