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Advance Wars dev readies 3DS puzzler

Intelligent System's Hiku-osu detailed.

The Nintendo off-shoot responsible for the Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, WarioWare and Paper Mario series releases a new puzzle game on the 3DS eShop in Japan next week.

Titled Hiku-osu, which translates into English roughly as 'Push and Pull', it sees you shoving blocks around 250 levels in order to clear a path to the exit.

As detailed on Andriasang, there are a few nods to the 8-bit nostalgia crowd included, with some levels demanding you push blocks into the shape of various classic Nintendo characters. Oh, and there's a level creator too.

Judging by the screens below, it all looks rather lovely.

It'll be up for download on 5th October, priced at ¥700 (around £6). A European release hasn't been confirmed, though seeing as Intelligent's DSiWare downloads all made it West, we'd say one is likely before too long.

That's not all Intelligent Systems has in the pipeline. There are new Fire Emblem and Paper Mario installments due on the 3DS next year too.