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ActRaiser on Virtual Console

And Pac-Man. And Bonk. Bonk!

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It's that time again. Just when you think you've seen the last of 10 past 9, he's back again, smiling at you. Bastard. Oh well, at least he's got company - and what do you know? It's this week's Virtual Console releases.

ActRaiser, originally released in the Super Nintendo, is this week's headliner, if you like (well, we put it in the headline), and involves sorting out a world from the perspective of god except, with a bit of side-scrolling platform action thrown in, since they laughed you off the silicon if you didn't have that back in 1990. 800 Wii points it will cost you, if your fancy it takes.

Also on today is Pac-Man for the NES. 500 Wii points. We cannot imagine that anybody reading this doesn't own it in some form (some form that doesn't cost the best part of a fiver, too), so we'll save ourselves the trouble of pointing out how much we still enjoy munching the odd pill while ghosties race around after us. Especially the blue one. Rrrrr.

Bonk's Revenge, then, is our final contender, turning as it does for the Turbografx-16, for a princely 600 Wii points. I've never played it, but then I've never told a man I loved him either, so what do I know about anything? [It's a side-scrolling 2D platformer about a man with a powerful... - Ed]

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