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Activision quiet on GUN 2

Tony Hawk's demo to blame.

Activision has stayed tight-lipped over rumours that a GUN sequel is in development - it pretty much just sat there blowing cigar smoke at us in the dingy poker-purposed back room in the saloon.

A rumour-filled bar brawl erupted after posters for a game called "GUN - Magruder's Ghost" appeared in the Tony Hawk's Proving Ground demo, carrying the strap line, "Sometimes a man will shoot back - even from beyond the grave".

Both games are developed by Neversoft, and you may remember that Magruder's survival was in doubt (wouldn't want to give the story away) in the first game.

GUN was an entertaining Wild West shooter that probably fell more kindly into the rental recommendation than full-priced sale. You filled the spurred-boots of Colton White and embarked on a linear tale of revenge, and were likely to quash your thirst for vengeance all too quickly - thanks to rather over-easy gunfights and liberal health refills (whisky bottles).

Still, you could put it down to being the first venture for Neversoft, who is currently enjoying large pats on the back for its reinvention of the Tony Hawk's series.

We'll sleep with our eyes open for more information. Meanwhile you should high-tail it over to our GUN review to find out a little more.