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Activision handing out $500k to indies

Publisher trawling for new talent.

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Suggesting it might not be quite the industry ogre it's often painted to be, Activision has handed out $250,000 in prizes to indie developers this week, in its inaugural Independent Games Competition.

The publisher has announced the first round of winners in its new game development contest, with Peter Angstadt's RTS effort Dstroyd walking away with $175,000 in first place and Engient's DIY vehicular combat curio Rigonauts: Broadside taking second, netting $75,000.

The winning developers will use the loot to further develop their ideas.

Details of the second phase of the contest, when another $250k will be up for grabs, will be released shortly, though aspiring European game-makers should note it's only open to US developers.

"The first round of the competition was very impressive, and we have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to show our commitment to supporting the creative spirit and innovation of independent developers," said Activision exec Dave Stohl.

"We look forward to continuing to reward independent developers for their remarkable efforts, and inspiring them to turn their dreams into reality."

The rules of the competition state that the winners retain the IP rights to their games but Activision gets first dibs on electing whether to publish the finished product.

Work in progress trailers for both Dstroyd and Rigonauts below.

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