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Activision announces Men In Black game

UPDATE: Cabela's studio on dev duty.

UPDATE: Fun Labs, the Romanian studio behind Activision's Cabela's hunting series, is developing the title.

ORIGINAL STORY:Activision has announced a Men In Black video game, due out in spring 2012 for consoles and handhelds.

The game is designed to tie in with movie Men In Black 3, also due out in spring 2012.

The game features "action packed yet light-hearted gameplay mixed with edge-of-your-seat shooting excitement".

It has an original story that will build on the history of the series. We're promised familiar faces and new foes.

Launch platforms aren't mentioned, although there is word of Men In Black coming to "next gen consoles for the first time". The developer isn't revealed, either.

Tom Bramwell offered his thoughts on PlayStation 2 and GameCube action game Men In Black 2: Alien Escape back in 2002.

"I suppose it doesn't take much to con the cinema-going public out of their precious ticket money these days, and Infogrames must have decided to play the same game with their customers," he wrote. Ouch.