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Activision announces Apache: Air Assault

Literally triple-A chopper sim for PS3/360.

Activision has announced Apache: Air Assault, a helicopter combat simulator for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Due out this autumn and developed by Russian outfit Gaijin Entertainment - probably best known for its work on console title IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey - Apache: Air Assault sees players "prevent terrorist attacks by raining down destruction from above in the world's most volatile warzones". Er.

There will be 16 multi-stage missions involving air and ground strike ops off the coast of Africa, over the mountains of the Middle East and in the jungles of Central America. As well as Arcade Mode controls for casual enthusiasts, there's a Realistic Mode with a simulation vibe.

On top of that there's a local co-operative Campaign Mode where you and a friend can act as pilot and co-pilot in the same Apache, and there are Team Deathmatch, Ground Attack, Capture the LZ and Ground Strike online multiplayer modes.

Activision Publishing's David Oxford reckons that the game "offers fun for diehard military enthusiasts and flight sim fans as well as gamers who just want to blow stuff up." Quite so.