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Action-RPG Duel Corp can be played "alone and later with a friend" and it's out now in early access

Dual cor.

Image credit: Dreameffect Entertainment

Action-RPG Duel Corp is now available in early access (EA) on Steam.

The game – which boasts the curious conceit that you can play alone and then later with a friend – launched in early access yesterday, and will be available as an open playtest between now and 4th April.

Duel Corp | Closed Alpha Thanks for ParticipatingWatch on YouTube

Like other games released in EA, the two-person development team says the plan is to "make sure that Duel Corp turns into a well-rounded product for full release" when "it's the complete experience we want it to be". Consequently, the team believes the game will be in early access "for about one year".

"As a primarily two-people studio, tackling such a large project like Duel Corp. takes a lot of our time," explains the developer on the game's store page.

"During Early access, we aim to fill the game with additional content and features, new themes and items, as well as engaging mechanics and gameplay. By bringing Duel Corp. to Early Access, we're hoping to continue development with the support and feedback of our beloved community. We want to keep you involved during all the steps of Early Access, gather your input and opinions, and use it to make Duel Corp. an even better experience for everyone."

Don't expect it to be a quick experience, though. The "core features" of Duel Corp "are implemented in such a way that many hours of play are required to unlock all Early Access content and/or complete the game".

"The game includes approximately 70 different talents, countless unique abilities/spells and several different classes for an almost unlimited range of class customisation options," the FAQ explains. "There are many additional features that will be added during Early Access."

To get involved, simply hit "request access" on the Steam page although be warned – the playtest doesn't yet include co-op.

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