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Acti: Bungie focused on new game

"Aligns against the growth in online gaming."

Bungie's finished development of Halo: Reach and turned its attention to its new gaming universe, Activision's said.

Bungie's next game will be kept under wraps for the remainder of 2010, however.

"Our partnership with Bungie is an extraordinary addition to our franchise portfolio and a perfect example of the thoughtful approach we take to use our shareholders' capital," said chief financial officer Thomas Tippl during an investor call last night.

"Bungie's in development on a groundbreaking new game universe, which also aligns well against the growth in online gaming. And today, we are happy to report that the majority of the Bungie team is settling in to its new space and is now focused on crafting their new universe.

"The new universe will be a substantial addition to our portfolio and an opportunity that should drive Activision's growth well into the next decade."

Earlier this year Activision signed a 10-year exclusive publishing deal with Bungie for its new gaming franchise.

Last month Bungie dismissed concern that Activision's current negative reputation will impact upon its next game.

The US developer said it doesn't matter which publisher brings its super secret game to market.