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Ace Combat 2, R-Type coming to iPhone

Plus: Jelly Car 2 and Settlers out now.

A big batch of probably quite good new games are popping up for the iPhone.

First up is Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion. The launch is "only weeks away", according to Namco Bandai, and the game will "push the graphical capabilities of the hardware to its limits". You can choose from first-person or third-person modes and control aircraft, both licensed and original, using motion controls and the touch screen. The game features "real satellite topographic imagery from Japan Space Imaging Corporation", excitingly.

Also coming soon is a new version of classic shooter R-Type, as reported by Touch Arcade. It's being developed by Irem Software and DotEmu and will feature D-pad, touch and tilt controls.

Or how about the sequel to hit squish-em-up Jelly Car? There are more than 30 new levels, three modes and extra power-ups to enjoy. Jelly Car 2 is out now and costs 59p, or you can still download the original for free.

Alternatively you could try the iPhone version of classic strategy game The Settlers. Expect Romans, Vikings, Mayans, resource gathering and touch screen controls. You can find The Settlers in the App Store right now, priced at £2.99.

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