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Accurate E3 leaker says Nintendo threatened legal action against them

Nintendon't do that.

A Twitter user who has published accurate information about E3 announcements ahead of time says they've been threatened with legal action by Nintendo.

Late May, Twitter user Sabi claimed they, along with a few others, would learn everything set to appear in Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct video the day before it goes live. (The Nintendo Direct goes live at 5pm UK time tomorrow, 11th June).

Meanwhile, Sabi published accurate information about Microsoft and Bethesda's E3 media briefing, including Keanu Reeves' appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 and Project Scarlett details, among other unannounced publisher revelations.

Then, late last night, Sabi said they'd received a cease and desist warning from Nintendo's lawyer. (Nintendo has yet to comment.)

The threat appears to have done the trick - Sabi followed up to say they wouldn't leak the Nintendo Direct.

Despite the warning, Sabi sounds determined to continue to leak other publisher secrets. Their current Twitter bio reads: "Journalist and (non)Nintendo Leaker due to the Ninjas."

Sabi's actions have since come under intense scrutiny, with thousands of Twitter users having their say. Sabi's Discord is also being flooded with new members, some of whom are on the hunt for Nintendo news before it's announced.

Sabi told Kotaku they obtained the information secondhand and suggested it would leak out despite Nintendo's legal threat. Perhaps lawyers representing other publishers will be in touch soon!

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