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Acclaimed Viking RTS Bad North revealed for iOS and Android devices

And it's available now.

Developer Plausible Concept's acclaimed Viking-themed real-time strategy effort Bad North is now, having successfully conquered PC and consoles last year, available on iOS and Android.

Bad North features of succession of bite-sized challenges, each requiring players to defend an island from waves of incoming enemy units - a task that's often surprisingly punishing, despite the game's delicate pastel hues.

The strategic element comes from the fact that players' steadily expanding range of distinct units - specialising in the likes of melee attacks and archery for long-range assaults - must be carefully positioned to deal with marauding opponents in classic rock-paper-scissors fashion.

You'll find a few more tactical tips in Bad North mobile's exceedingly odd launch trailer below.

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Bad North arrives on mobile devices in the form of the much-expanded Jotunn Edition (released on other platforms earlier this year), which is intended to make the rogue-like experience a little more accessible, while simultaneously enriching its strategic core.

The overhauled game now includes the likes of selectable commanders, each with their own unique attributes, a new enemy type, checkpoints, and a new meta-progression system, enabling players to use items and traits in future attempts once they've been discovered during the campaign. There's also a Very Hard mode for seasoned players.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is available now for iOS and Android, and costs £4.99/$4.99 USD.

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