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Acclaimed rogue-like action-platformer Dead Cells is heading to mobile devices this summer

iOS first, Android to follow.

Developer Motion Twin has announced that its critically acclaimed rogue-like action-platform romp, Dead Cells, is heading to iOS and Android devices, starting this summer.

Dead Cells, which launched on PC and consoles last year, is a real gem, mixing gloriously weighty hack-and-slash-style combat with spirited side-scrolling platforming through branching, frequently labyrinthine, procedurally generated levels.

You begin each play-through as a resurrected corpse then venture forth through a perilous fantasy world, battling enemies and bosses in a bid for freedom. If you die, however, you're returned to the start, and the castle's layout is completely reconfigured for a new adventure.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Cells - Mobile Announcement Trailer

It's simple enough in principle, but Motion Twin nails it on every front. Dead Cells feels great to play, looks wonderful, and there's a satisfying sense of progression. Cells are accrued by defeating opponents each run-through, and these can be used to unlock new weapons and abilities - which are permanently added to the loot pool, ready to find on subsequent attempts.

Dead Cells' new iOS and Android edition, which is being handled by Playdigious, is said to have been "carefully redesigned" for mobile devices, sporting a revamped interface, fully customisable buttons for touch control play, and MFi external controller support. Two game modes - original and auto-hit - are also promised.

Motion Twin says that Dead Cells will arrive first on iPhone and iPad "this summer" and will cost $9.99/€9.99, which should equate to £7.99 in the UK based on Apple's pricing tiers. The game will launch on Android devices "later".