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Acclaimed island-hopping adventure The Touryst coming to PlayStation in September

UPDATE: Shin'en confirms, shares first look.

UPDATE 24/8/21: Speaking to Eurogamer, Shin'en has confirmed The Touryst's leaked 9th September release date for PlayStation 5, along with a host of other details.

As it does on PC, this version will render internally at 8K and then down sample it to display at 4K and 120hz.

"The Touryst is (as far as we know) the only game that currently renders at a resolution of 8K on PS5. No up sampling or temporal filtering is used," Shin'en boss Manfred Linzner told us, "so the image quality is superb."

Expect cross-buy between PS4 and PS5, and a price of $19.99/€19.99.

Finally, here are a set of PlayStation 5 screenshots:

ORIGINAL STORY 23/8/21: Voxel vacation adventure (and Digital Foundry favourite) The Touryst - developed by Shin'en Multimedia, the team behind acclaimed Switch racer Fast RMX - is making its way to PlayStation on 9th September, according to a new listing on the PlayStation Store.

Details regarding the PlayStation version are limited - there's a release date and description and that's about it - but The Touryst (which debuted on Switch in 2019 before heading to Xbox and PC the following year) remains a fun little excursion, depositing players on the glorious Monument Islands holiday resort for a spot of sun, sea, and exploration-driven adventure.

On a basic level, the goal is to progress from island to island - all rendered with an appealing, retro-inspired voxel art style, and each with its own theme - in order to infiltrate the mysterious monuments strewn around and solve the mix of puzzles and platform challenges within.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Touryst - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
The Touryst - Switch Trailer.

The real pleasure, though, comes from leisurely hopping between islands and indulging in The Touryst's wealth of silly side quests and mini-game-style activities - including surfing, spelunking, scuba diving, photography, and more. It's a delightful little thing, exuding some wonderfully relaxing holiday vibes.

Currently, the only information on The Touryst's PlayStation release is the aforementioned store page, but I've contacted Shin'en Multimedia to find out more.