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A pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers costs £75

Joy con?

One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is up to eight Joy-con controllers can connect to the system for local multiplayer.

That sounds great, right? Sure. But before you start dreaming of eight-player Mario Kart 8 in your living room, know this: those Joy-cons don't come cheap.

Both GAME and Amazon.co.uk are selling a pair of Joy-cons, so, a left and right Joy-con, for a whopping £74.99.

You can buy the things separately, too. A Joy-con right (grey), for example, costs £42.99.

So, what do you get for your money? Each Joy-con controller has gyro controls and "HD rumble", which provides chunky feedback. Nintendo gave the example of it feeling like rattling ice cubes in a glass.

Also part of each Joy-con is a sensor that detects simple hand gestures, such as a thumbs up, or rock, paper, scissors.

As demonstrated by Nintendo, you can use the new Switch Pro Controller with the games that don't require motion controls, such as 1-2 Switch. A wireless Pro Controller costs £64.99, but much cheaper is a wired Switch Horipad, which costs £27.99.

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