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A new Sega Mega Drive game is coming out this month

And it was made the 90s way.

The Sega Mega Drive is nearly 30 years old, but it's still getting new games.

Tanglewood, a side-scroller in the 16-bit style, is coming out on Sega's old console on 14th August, as well as PC via Steam.

In it you play a fox called Nymn who soldiers through the Tanglewood at night. The video below shows off gameplay:

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Tanglewood is coming out on Mega Drive on an actual physical cart, which is playable on consoles from any region, and in a box any fan of the Mega Drive will instantly recognise. According to a note from developer Big Evil Corp, this Mega Drive version of the game is primarily reserved for backers of Tanglewood's Kickstarter, which raised over £54,000. Here's how it looks:

The physical Mega Drive version of Tanglewood.

Tanglewood was produced using authentic Sega Mega Drive development hardware by Matt Phillips, a Manchester-based programmer who used to work at Traveller's Tales and Crytek. Phillips programmed the game in pure 68000 assembly language, using original Sega development tools and processes from the 90s, so Tanglewood should feel like a good old-fashioned Mega Drive game.

Sega Mega Drive development hardware used to build Tanglewood.

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