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Mass Effect Tourist Guide

Part 2: Starry, starry nights.

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"I'm the tyranny of evil men," scowled Samuel L. Jackson, rather memorably. "But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be a shepherd". He could have saved himself a lot of silly bother by simply waiting fourteen years for Mass Effect to come out, since you can't help but be a shepherd in this one. Commander Shepard, to be precise (oh it's a perfect segue) and it's his/her adventure we're continuing today.

As with part one of our guide to the Mass Effect galaxy, we're not walking you through the story missions - which are rather straightforward and much more fun to discover by yourself anyway - but shining a light in the more obscure corners of the game, showing you how to find the many optional assignments and advising you as to their worth.

Having completed the Citadel missions, you're now free to roam the galaxy in the Normandy so we'll take things one solar system at a time, starting with the ones you'll be visiting to continue the chase for Saren...

General Hints

We'll be highlighting the locations of some artefacts and other collection quest objects, but you should get into the habit of scanning all non-habited planets and scouring each planet surface for mineral deposits. Always give asteroid fields a sweep with your cursor as well - there are often mineral-rich rocks floating around in there.

Many assignments have different names depending on when and where you activate them, and also whether you complete them as a Paragon or Renegade. If the name of a mission doesn't sound familiar, read the description - you may still have it in your list.

Attican Beta

  • System: Hercules
  • Planet: Eletania

Lost Module

This mission comes in via transmission from the leathery tones of Lance Henriksen when you arrive at the Hercules system. You need to retrieve a probe module from the planet surface but, when you get there, the Geth have beaten you to it and you'll have to fight a few of them off. Not that they had any more luck getting the probe - it's been stolen by a space monkey, in one of the best plot twists in any game ever. Rather than search every monkey colony, just drive around until you find the one near a mine entrance. Enter the mine, search the monkeys inside, fight some more Geth, job done. You can actually save yourself some time and trouble by going straight to the mine, ignoring the probe altogether, while those chasing Renegade points can earn some by slaughtering the monkeys.

Worth doing? Yes. Can't you read? It's got space monkeys.

BONUS: This planet is also home to a mysterious globe, a Prothean relic. If you've got the trinket from the Asari Consort assignment you can use it here to get a short flashback to Cro Magnon man's first encounter with the Proteans. It's a bit of a weird reward for such an obscure combination of location and item, especially since it's all told in text. Still, there it is.

  • Planet: Syided

BONUS: There's a League of One medallion here.

  • System: Theseus
  • Planet: Feros

Geth in the Tunnels/Power Cells/Varren Meat/Water Restoration

Here are four assignments you can complete in a relatively short space of time. After you clear the tower of Geth, talk to Fai Dan and ask him about getting the colony operational. He'll tell you who to speak to regarding the colony's power, food and water problems, and also mention a Geth transmitter in the tunnels that is coordinating their attacks. Quickly nip around and talk to all the people he mentioned to activate all the quests, then head down into the tunnels. This is a small area, though well populated with enemies, so you really can't miss the assignment objectives. When battling the Geth in the side corridors, keep your eyes open for the three water valves. The first crossroads you come to will lead to the heavily guarded transmitter, over the small bridge, and to the varren nest and power cells towards the collapsed highway. Chat to the nutter at the far end, make sure you've cleared out all the item boxes along the way (there are some kick ass weapons and ammo down here) and head back to Zhu's Hope to spread the good news around.

Worth doing? Definitely. This quartet of quests yields loads of XP and credits, as well as a ton of Paragon points. Not so handy if you're trying to fill the Renegade gauge, but you'd be a fool to turn down this buffet of goodies just for that.

Data Recovery

Halfway along the Skyway, you'll have the option of stopping to check in with the survivors of ExoGeni hiding in the weigh station. While there, speak with Gavin Hossle and he'll ask you to retrieve some of his data from the ExoGeni HQ. The console you're looking for is up a flight of stairs after you discover the Geth claw - but be warned, it's guarded by Krogan.

Worth doing? Sure. Gavin is a generous tipper, and it's not as if you haven't already got business in the HQ anyway.

Investigate Shipments

Hack the console in the room opposite Davin Reynolds in Zhu's Hope. This will activate the Investigate Shipments assignment, for which you'll need to visit the Voyager cluster.

Investigate Facility

In the room with the giant Geth claw through the wall, and a bunch of Geth shock troopers and snipers, hack the console in the corner. You'll discover transmissions suggesting you should check out the Nodacrux system.

Investigate Samples

In the same room, up and over the stairs, you'll find a server that can be hacked. This reveals concerns from a Dr Gamorle about some samples supplied to the Cerberus group. The Maroon Sea cluster is where you need to look.

  • Planet: Sharring

BONUS: There's a Prothean Data Disc here.

Artemis Tau

  • System: Sparta
  • Planet: Edolus

Missing Marines

This mission is activated by talking to Admiral Kahoku in the Citadel Tower, although - like many of these missions - you can also save time by simply going straight to where the action is and finding it by "accident". In this case, locate the marines (not hard) and then deal with the Thresher Maw that appears as you approach (quite hard). It'll dive into the ground and pop out again, smashing the crackers our of the Mako if you're nearby. It'll also spit acid at you. Keep driving until you see the Thresher Maw reappear on the radar, then fire off a few shots from a safe distance. If you're really cowardly, you can restrict your attacks to the times when it pops out and isn't facing you. Keep moving and shooting, retreating to patch things up if the Maw hits you, and you'll eventually whittle the thing down. Once it's dead, investigate the dead marines and then report to Kahoku when you get the chance.

Worth doing? Yes, since this mission opens up a new subplot and a series of follow-on assignments with plenty of opportunities to hone your combat skills.

BONUS: There's a Salarian ID Tag here as well.

  • System: Macedon
  • Planet: Porolan

BONUS: There are some Matriarch's Writings here.

  • Planet: Sharjila

Asari Diplomacy

Fly to Attican Beta and Nassana Dantius, the Asari diplomat, will contact you. Should you pay her a visit at the Embassy Lounge on the Citadel, she'll ask for your help in dealing with her wayward sister, Dahlia. Alternatively, you can skip all that guff and just head straight for the pirate base on Sharjila. Storm the base, watching out for snipers, and kill all the criminals, including Dahlia. Pick up whatever you can find and return to the Citadel to tell Nassana the good news.

Worth doing? Absolutely. The battle against the pirates can be tough - they have a Krogan, and snipers galore - but not only does Nassana pay handsomely for your services, you can also earn access to rare Armali Council items at shops.

BONUS: There are some more Matriarch's Writings here as well.

  • System: Athens
  • Planet: Pharos

BONUS: There's a Turian insignia here.

  • System: Knossos
  • Planet: Therum

This is the location for the story mission, Find Liari T'Soni.