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A Game Boy fused with a Raspberry Pi

Retro fun!

A modder has fused a Raspberry Pi with the Game Boy for super cool results.

Wermy's Game Boy Zero compared to an original Game Boy.

"Wermy" published a video to YouTube showing off his Pi Zero Game Boy, which uses real Game Boy cartridges that let him play emulated versions of retro games.

The Game Boy Zero, as it's called, is the combination of a Game Boy console and the Raspberry Pi Zero, an even smaller version of the Raspberry Pi micro-computer. Throw in a 3.5 inch composite display, buttons from a NES controller and a USB port and you've got one hell of a cool-looking retro console.

Wermy modified an original Game Boy cartridge to act as an SD card adaptor for the Pi, "so I can have the same satisfaction of putting a cartridge in and powering it on like you would on a regular Game Boy".

As Wermy notes, plenty of people have modded Game Boys before, but his effort is the best I've seen so far.

The video, below, goes into more detail, and there's a detailed breakdown over at Imgur. Not bad!

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