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A Flipping Good Time devs bring us bullet-hell plane-jacking game, Man vs. The World

An army of one.

A Flipping Good Time creators Mike's Plumbing and Tile: Media Arts Division has announced its next game, Man vs. The World.

It's a horizontal scrolling bullet hell shooter with a twist - you can jump out of your craft and steal enemy vessels. This gives the game an almost platformey vibe as minuscule protagonist Man Lee Gunns - "the most dangerous man on the planet" - takes to the skies to commandeer fighter planes and wreak havoc.

Mike's Plumbing and Tile: Media Arts Division's previous effort A Flipping Good Time was highlighted last year as part of the PAX 10 - a showcase of noteworthy indie games chosen by Penny Arcade Expo organizers. A Flipping Good Time is available for free on PC.

The indie studio is a student group based out of the DigiPen Institute of Technology - the game development school that brought us the project that inspired Portal, Narbacular Drop. The gel-based gameplay in Portal 2 also emanated from the Washington-based institution in a game called Tag: the Power of Paint.

Man vs. The World is coming soon for PC, where it will be free. In the meantime, see it in action in its ridiculous debut trailer below.

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