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80GB PS3 on Sony Korea site

Due next month, apparently.

New information on the website for Sony Computer Entertainment Korea suggests that an 80GB version of PlayStation 3 will be arriving in the territory next month, reports.

According to the site, the 80GB model will bear a pre-tax price tag of KRW 518,000 (USD 557 / EUR 412 / GBP 232) and will hit the shops on June 16.

There is no word on when or indeed whether the 80GB PS3 will go on sale in other regions. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

In March, following an FCC filing by Sony which referred to an 80GB version, SCEE said there were no current plans to introduce such a model.

However, Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka last month hinted that larger hard drive-enabled PS3s would be available in the future, stating, "Even 60GB may not be big enough eventually."

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