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60GB Xbox 360 in Europe on Friday

20GB bundle getting the axe.

Microsoft is introducing the 60GB Xbox 360 Premium hardware bundle in European this Friday.

The unit will cost GBP 199.99 / EUR 269.99, which is the same as 20GB bundle it's replacing.

Microsoft gave no indication whether the 20GB Premium bundles will be reduced in price while stocks last - as they will in the US, where they will go down to USD 299 (GBP 151).

The standalone 60GB hard drive is expected to follow, although Microsoft has yet to concrete any plans.

The 60GB Xbox 360 comes with an HDMI port, wireless pad, wired headset and one-month subscription to Xbox Live.

"No one device offers the depth and breadth of entertainment that Xbox 360 can deliver and we know consumers need increasingly more and more space to store the amazing digital entertainment content we provide," said Neil Thompson, European Xbox boss, without bias.

Both the Xbox 360 Arcade (GBP 159.99) and the Xbox 360 Elite (GBP 259.99) will be unaffected by the new model.