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505 reveals MinDStorm

DS mind twister in May.

505 will take brain training a step further this May, with its new game MinDStorm.

It's in development at ASK, and is scheduled for a release on Star Wars holy day, 4th May.

MinDStorm will bring new bogglers to the table, including riddles, general knowledge, and geography-based challenges, as well as the familiar sliding picture puzzles, mazes, and spot the difference tests.

You'll also be able to tell the DS what kind of environment you're in, so that you don't make a pig's ear of things. The game will omit microphone-based challenges if you're in a meeting or at work, for example, or scrap the precision-based stylus challenges if you're on a bumpy train or car ride.

It'll all go into a package that 505 believes will deliver the most thorough brain workout yet.

Pop over to our MinDStorm gallery to absorb the latest screenshots. And it's not to be confused with brain storm, of course, because you can't say that these days.