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49% of gamers don't buy DLC - report

New survey suggests the reasons why.

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49 per cent of HD console owners have not purchased DLC content in the past 12 months, so says a new report from entertainment research outfit EEDAR.

According to its data, gathered from "a variety of sources", that compares to 60 per cent in 2010 and 66 per cent in 2009.

Its additional survey, which polled 3500 participants, suggests the following reasons that gamers choose not to buy game add-ons:

  • Privacy: 47 per cent
  • No return policy: 38 per cent
  • Too expensive: 32 per cent
  • Enough free DLC: 24 per cent
  • No demo: 24 per cent
  • No reviews: 21 per cent
  • None for interested games: 20 per cent
  • Not adequate description: 20 per cent
  • Not enough gameplay: 18 per cent
  • Only online multiplayer available: 18 per cent
  • Only single player available: 15 per cent
  • Process takes too long: 15 per cent
  • Complicated storefront: 15 per cent
  • Not released when wanted: 12 per cent
  • Not high enough quality: 11 per cent

EEDAR reckons that DLC will generate over $875 million in North America in 2011, a figure that should top $1 billion in 2012.

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