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Get yourself a 400GB SD card for your Nintendo Switch for under £50

Install The Witcher 3 over 14 times!

If you want to ensure you never run into any storage problems with your Switch (probably ever) then you should snap up this 400GB SD card while it's down to under £50. That's the lowest price it's been since the start of the year.

With that sort of space, you can rest in the knowledge that your eShop spending habits will never be tempered by the amount of room you have left for games.

Considering that the average Switch game might require anywhere between about 7-15GB of free space, that 400GB is going to last you a long while. Even some of the console's biggest games like L.A. Noire and The Witcher 3 just dip below the 30GB mark - and these are the extreme outliers.

You can safely steer clear of any cards bigger than this, as it's most likely going to be serious overkill for your Switch needs. Also, definitely steer clear of the Switch-branded SD cards from SanDisk unless they're massively reduced. They'll do exactly the same job as these generic ones but at a shamelessly inflated price.

Of course, you might also want to consider something a little smaller if you don't think all that storage is really necessary for you. In that case, a 200GB card is a more comfortable middle ground. A card of that size from SanDisk will set you back £27.99 right now, though it's been cheaper in the past.

If now's not the time for an upgrade, you can always find the best prices on Nintendo Switch SD cards at Jelly Deals. We've also got a couple of handy guides in case you're after a cheap Switch Pro Controller or the best power bank for Nintendo Switch.

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