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3DS features redesigned Friend Codes

More user-friendly system detailed.

The 3DS will use a revamped, more user-friendly version of the much-maligned Wii Friend Codes system for online matchmaking.

Whereas the Wii and DS both required you to input a long, game-specific string of digits every time you wanted to play online with a friend, with 3DS you only need one single Friend Code.

"There is a very important change in the way Friend Codes are implemented," explained Nintendo PR boss Laurent Fischer.

"With Nintendo 3DS there is only one code necessary, and you only need to register once. The codes are not software-dependent and when friends are registered the registration is instantaneous without the need to manually change the code.

"Also you can find out who is playing right now, what they are playing and you'll be able to join friends much more easily than before. Then community can happen automatically."

The 3DS finally launches in Europe on 25th March.