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3D Space Harrier heading for 3DS

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone.

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Space Harrier, one of Sega's '80s arcade greats, is hitting the 3DS's eShop according to recent reports - and it could be heading up a series of Sega 3D Classics plucked from the company's rich history.

An article popped up on Japanese site Gamer overnight, and was translated over at NeoGAF. There's no words on timings, or on a EU release - we've checked in with Sega for confirmation of its existence as well as any further details, and are waiting to hear back.

Space Harrier's got the 3D treatment before on the Master System in 1988, though this looks like a spruced up version of the arcade original.

Originally released in 1985, Space Harrier pioneered the 'Super Scaler' effect that defined much of Sega's '80s arcade output. The same hardware was used for the Super Hang On games, while a refined version powered the original OutRun, so there's a decent chance that both those games will get the 3D Classics treatment too.

In more distressing and related news, EG's Tom P and Wes didn't know what Space Harrier was, and thought Fantasy Zone was the name of one of those Soho shops that smells heavily of chlorine.

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